Wednesday, February 13, 2008

25 years after Thriller

I was in school when Michael Jackson's Thriller came out. I can remember doing the moonwalk and other break dance moves to songs like "Billie Jean", "Beat it" and of course the "Thriller" track. It's quite embarrassing to admit it but we did dance like zombies to the last song. Who can forget Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo on "Beat It".

Can't believe it but it's already been 25 years since this amazing album was released. It remains the best-selling album ever and made Jackson famous globally.

Michael has recently rereleased an updated version of the album featuring artists, Fergie, Akon and Kanye West.

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LBC Kali Guy said...

How disappointing. I had a viewing party of the Grammy Awards at my place with friends and when Will.I.Am was rapping and heard the some Michael Jackson music in the background, we thought that MIchael might jump out of no where and start singing. But it didn't happen. would've been nice if it did