Monday, July 26, 2010

Guide to Online DVD Rental

Renting DVDs online is a relatively new phenomenon, which has been sweeping the net. I guess, it's another example of how technology continually advances on our lives. Long gone are the days of visiting our local video rental store - now you can watch all the latest movies right from the comfort of your own sofa (or desk) without having to leave the house. Today, you can order films online and have the DVD’s delivered straight to your door and with cheap prices from companies such as LoveFilm, offering their own LoveFilm Discount Codes, you never need to purchase your own DVDs again.

Many websites now offer services whereby you can sign up and select the films you wish to watch. They then post them to you, you watch them and then post them back; what’s more, the rental company usually pays for the return postage too. The service is cheap and extremely easy to use, which is why there has been a sudden surge in the number of families, couples and students who have signed-up to these services.

Thanks to the recent recession, many people are having to save money on luxuries, but this way you can watch an exciting DVD yet still keep the costs low. When compared to renting DVDs from a traditional video rental store or buying your own, the saving is considerable.

Convenience is also a major benefit, because rather than having to traipse around and then decide which movie to rent, you can simply turn on your computer and leisurely browse the titles in your own time. An added benefit is that these rental sites are open 24/7.

With such large stockpiles available to them, the rental companies allow you to keep your DVD’s for as long as you want. There are no due dates, so you don’t have to feel rushed into watching any films you rent straight away. This way you can watch the movie when it suits you and you don’t have to worry about returning it in a hurry. Late fees are never imposed, so there are no worries about returning your orders before a set deadline.

A major benefit to renting online is the titles that these websites offer. Many DVD rental stores are located in fairly small buildings; therefore they house only a limited number of films and DVD’s. However, with an online store, there are up to 65,000 titles to choose from. There’s certainly little chance of you not being able to find the film you’re looking for.

Most of the well-known companies offering this service offer a no-hassle two-week free trial. Just verify some information online and for two weeks you can try as many DVD’s as you want. This way you get a feel for the service that the company offers and you can choose a package that is appropriate for you. This allows you to realistically judge how many DVD’s you will be likely to watch in any given period.

The top three companies to offer this service at the moment are LoveFilm, Blockbuster and Tesco DVD rental. LoveFilm is perhaps the most popular and for a very fair price of £9.78 you get access to around 65,000 titles, the highest number of films available at any online rental company. You can benefit from an even cheaper price by using LoveFilm Discount Vouchers. Start enjoying all your favourite movies today!

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