Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cat facts

I've always wanted a cat, ever since i first saw one. I've been training myself by researching different ways to keep a cat easily. I have learnt a way of how to toilet train a cat and I told my friends. They were even more surprised about it than me, since I knew that cats are very intelligent creatures and are great hunters with sharp claws and piercing teeth. These are some facts I have learnt from a variety of books, web sights, Youtube videos or from an occasional talk:

One female cat can give about one hundred kittens a life time.

 During the ancient Egyptian period, cats were considered so valuable that the penalty for killing one was death!

Cats don't just purr for pleasure, they also purr for pain. By the lack of taste buds, a cat cannot taste sweet things.

Just like our finger prints, a cats nose pad has an unique pattern that is different to other cats.

 Cats can make about one hundred different sounds while dogs can make 10.

 Cats are born with blue eyes and change at approximately 12 weeks of age.

 A group of cars is called a 'clowder'. A cat has usually 12 whiskers on a cheek.

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