Monday, February 17, 2014

Review of The wishing chair collection by Enid Blyton

‘The wishing chair collection’ is full of enchanting tales and adventures with Mollie, Peter, the pixie Chinkey and of course, you mustn’t forget, the dear, old wishing chair. Together, they journey through exciting worlds and lands you’ve never heard of in your entire life!

Mollie and Peter are two siblings that live with their mother in a cosy house. It was their mother’s birthday soon so they went out to the antique store to buy her a gift. Her mother did like old things! They were about to get a vase when they saw a chair in the corner. They sat on it and... How absurd! It flew up into the sky and before they knew it, they were safely back home, and in one piece too!

The first adventure was where Chinkey comes in. The Wishing chair, for that was its name; started growing is red feathered wings again! How they longed for an adventure! The chair took them to a giant’s castle and the rescued the pixie from the dark, smelly dungeons.

I would defiantly recommend the book because it is full of such delightful stories! It would inspire any one to be a writer! It gave me endless hours of adventure when I was just sitting comfortably on a pillow in a small house in England! Also, I would recommend it because it is impossibly un put-down able! This was a book I loved from all the books I have read! It was amazing!

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