Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clever Astro the hamster

This is Astro the hamster. He is our class hamster and I am taking care of him for the Easter break.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have you ever wondered why cats lick their own fur?

Well let’s take you to the dawn of time, where many cats roamed the land freely and saw many civilisations come and go. They were wild, fearsome creatures back then, before mankind targeted the kitty civilisation and took them then enslaved them. The Cats nowadays are used to being enslaved, they have become from fearless warriors to timid creatures, forced to lie in the corner all day, defenceless from their masters. Now, we realise that they annoyingly lick their bodies, leaving patches of damp fur but alas! Nothing can persuade them to put an end to this nasty habit. This leaves to a question, ‘Why do cats lick their fur?’ Let’s go back, recall the events and find the truth for this ever repeating question...

A long time ago, before cavemen and after dinosaurs, a small striped tabby was bored. His mother and father were busy collecting corn and potatoes that they couldn’t find time for him. He was the youngest in the pack and his other siblings were on duty, guarding the treasure or on the lookout for enemy dogs. He sat down on a tree and wondered to himself. What should he do? He wasn’t allowed anywhere near to the dog’s pack which was a shame because he really thought that that was an excellent place to be when you’re bored. Sacks of food, pipes to explore and many trees that he would like to climb. There were of course, many nicer, better and more of them in the cat pack but how fun would it is if he could explore an enemy territory? He loved risks!

He leant back on the tree until he felt a drip on his neck. He looked up. There, on the tree, sat a small bird, eating berries very messily. The tabby hissed until he realised who the bird was. It was his friend, Purple Wing.
‘Hey Tabb.’ Waved Purple Wing, ‘Sorry about that!’

Tabby smiled, for he found this really amusing. He waved a paw up to his feathered friend and leapt up into the tree. He found a place that would bear his weight and sat on it. It felt wonderful. Purple wings gulped down a ripe berry.
‘Hi! Why are you here? Asked Tabby.

Purple feather wiped his mouth with his wing and didn’t answer. Sprays of red berry juice dripped down onto Tabby’s coat. He snorted in disgust. He didn’t like his fur to be wet and sticky. He clawed at the patch of wet fur in annoyance. He didn’t like the feel of it on his fur. Purple realised what had happened and started pecking on it. It seemed to work and Tabby joined in. He licked and licked and licked until it was all gone. Amazed of how well it worked, Tabby started to lick himself whenever he felt dirty. It became a massive habit and he started avoiding baths. Soon, everyone in the village started picking up this strange habit and it has adapted into the cats daily lifestyle till now.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Review of The wishing chair collection by Enid Blyton

‘The wishing chair collection’ is full of enchanting tales and adventures with Mollie, Peter, the pixie Chinkey and of course, you mustn’t forget, the dear, old wishing chair. Together, they journey through exciting worlds and lands you’ve never heard of in your entire life!

Mollie and Peter are two siblings that live with their mother in a cosy house. It was their mother’s birthday soon so they went out to the antique store to buy her a gift. Her mother did like old things! They were about to get a vase when they saw a chair in the corner. They sat on it and... How absurd! It flew up into the sky and before they knew it, they were safely back home, and in one piece too!

The first adventure was where Chinkey comes in. The Wishing chair, for that was its name; started growing is red feathered wings again! How they longed for an adventure! The chair took them to a giant’s castle and the rescued the pixie from the dark, smelly dungeons.

I would defiantly recommend the book because it is full of such delightful stories! It would inspire any one to be a writer! It gave me endless hours of adventure when I was just sitting comfortably on a pillow in a small house in England! Also, I would recommend it because it is impossibly un put-down able! This was a book I loved from all the books I have read! It was amazing!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The mysterious ticking noise, Potterpuppetpals and Apperate

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What the fox say

The latest viral from Ylvis, made up of the two brothers Bård Urheim Ylvisåker and Vegard Urheim Ylvisåker.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bubble-Zillah, made by me

Actors: Ziggy and puppet monkey, who were played by the maker of adamok.net
Filmer: Me, who owns this blog
Thanks: Mum and my brother, who kept quiet, helping me make my movie and of course, the workers of the apple camp.

3rd and final day at apple camp!


So, this was the last day at the apple camp. We showed everyone at the apple camp our movies. Mine was definitely the shortest. Today my father was the one that sent me to the apple camp instead of his friend.
I got a certificate and they spelt my second name wrong! (my name sounded quite strange with that spelling mistake!) Plus, we have all been given a band with a USB stick inside with our movie and we also got a pin badge of an iphone or an ipad. I've got an iphone. I loved going to the apple camp! It was fantastic!

2nd apple camp


At the apple camp, I put the music i made into the movie and it fitted just perfectly! I edited the movie on imovie (i think) and I was very pleased with how it came out. I could've done better I suppose, and longer but I didn't have time and the battery was low so I had to act fast. Maybe stop motion would've been better I guess. I think I might continue to make movies and tutorials even maybe some brief tips from time to time. I have time, I'll post it up here (on the blog).