Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Light bulbs

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the 'light bulb' ?

Light bulbs were an incredible invention which completely changed the world. Thomas Alva Edison (known as Thomas Edinon), born on the February 11th 1847, invented the light bulb. Before our easy life, people  used candles instead of light bulbs and we might of wondered about how life was like then. And like all inventions, they changed over time.

Edison's Bulb

Modern bulb

Edison was born in Milan and he grew up in Port Huron.

In his school, his mind often wondered to far off places and is teacher was overheard calling him 'addled' (what ever that means!) Soon, his mother home-schooled him. Much of his education came from reading.

When his family moved to Port Huron, Edison started to sell sweets and newspaper on trains running from Port Huron to Detroit.

By selling newspapers, he realised his talents and obtained himself to be a business  man.

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