Thursday, July 18, 2013


At school we have this competition called the 'token box challenge'.
In this challenge we will have to behave our best and we shall earn tokens.
Miss behave we shall lose tokens.

The steps are simple:

Step 1: someone miss behave so he/she get a warning
Step 2: he/she does it again so he/she get another warning
Step 3: If He/she continue to miss behave so we have a token off our token jar
step 4: If he/she continue to miss behave we have another token of us
step 5: If He /she continue to miss behave he/she shall be on a red card and parents are called
step 6: If someone get a red card plus 4 days in a week,  they shall be temporary excluded from school
However, if the problem is serious, the person who done it shall make us have 2 tokens off and 'maby' be excluded but parents are certainly called.

The great news is that we have one the prize... Pizza for lunch! There will also be ice cream and maby be garlick bread.

We have been told this today and the big day is tomorrow! Unfortunately, the 'big day' is in Ramadan and I want to fast, but luckily, it is not compulsory for children to fast so I don't need to for a day.

I can't wait!

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